Discover your mind-body type and what you should eat, exercise and work for better health and life. In this course, we will share fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda. You can discover your mind-body type and what you should eat, exercise and work for better health and life. Learn more in our online course

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction to the Course
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    • Welcome to the course
    • Meet your Trainer
    • Disclaimer
    • Congratulations on taking the course!
  • 02
    Introduction to Ayurveda
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    • What is Ayurveda and where does it come from
    • Benefits of Ayurveda
    • The 3 Mind-Body Types and Why Knowing Your Mind-Body Type Matters
    • Glossary of Ayurvedic Terms
    • Module 1 Completion
  • 03
    Which Mind Body Type are You?
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    • How To Complete Your Mind-Body Type Quiz
    • DOWNLOAD: Which Mind-Body Type Quiz are You?
    • Interpreting the results of your Mind-Body Type Quiz
    • Type 1: Space and Air (VATA)
    • Type 2: Fire (and a little air and water) (PITTA)
    • Type 3: Water and Earth (KAPHA)
    • Tips For Air Type (VATA)
    • Tips for Fire Type (PITTA)
    • Tips for Earth Type (KAPHA)
    • Module 2 Completion
  • 04
    Mental and Emotional Well Being
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    • Finding your Mental and Emotional Balance
    • Air Type (VATA)
    • Fire Type (PITTA)
    • Earth Type (KAPHA)
    • DISCUSS: Your Well Being Commitments
    • EXERCISE: Your Mental and Emotional Well-being Commitment
    • Module 3 Completion
  • 05
    Diet and Nutrition
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    • Diet and Nutrition Introduction
    • EXERCISE: Your Nutrition Analysis
    • Diet and Nutrition for Air Type (VATA)
    • Air Type (VATA) Food List
    • Diet and Nutrition for Fire Type (PITTA)
    • Fire Type (PITTA) Food List
    • Diet and Nutrition for Earth Type (KAPHA)
    • Earth Type (KAPHA) Food List
    • EXERCISE: Your Diet and Nutrition Commitment
    • DISCUSS: Your Diet and Nutrition Commitments
    • Module 4 Completion
  • 06
    Exercise and Movement
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    • Exercise and Movement Self Analysis
    • Exercise and Movement for Air Type (VATA)
    • Exercise and Movement for Fire Type (PITTA)
    • Exercise and Movement for Earth Type (KAPHA)
    • EXERCISE: Your Exercise and Movement Commitment
    • DISCUSSION: Your Exercise and Movement Commitment
    • Module 5 Completion
  • 07
    Career and Work
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    • Introduction to Career and Work
    • Career and Work Strengths for Air Type (VATA)
    • Career and Work Strengths for Fire Type (PITTA)
    • Career and Work Strengths for Earth Type (KAPHA)
    • EXERCISE: Your Career and Work Strengths
    • Module 6 Completion
  • 08
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    • How The Types React and Respond To Others
    • Air Type (VATA) and Relationships
    • Fire Type (PITTA) and Relationships
    • Earth Type (KAPHA) and Relationships
    • EXERCISE: My Relationship Pledge
    • Module 7 Completion
  • 09
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    • What's Next?
    • Contact Neerja
    • Disclaimer

What you will learn from this course

  • Understand why people behave as they do, starting with YOURSELF.

  • Identify foods that will work for people at home and the foods that will not

  • Know the exercise routines that will work for yourself and your family members.

  • Learn the colors that will suit you and why? For example - blue or green are soothing for individuals with more Pitta dosha in their bodies compared to bright red.

  • The course serves as a guide to your career path and helps find suitable work aligned to your specific body type.

  • Gives you insights to understand and appreciate your own attitudes and mental processes and those of others.

  • Ayurveda can also help choose pets for your children and loved ones. You can select which pet suits them most.

  • The course supports you in modifying your work environment, making it more enriching and satisfying.

  • Assists you understand the doshas in your body type, enabling you to select a suitable yoga asana to practice.

How will I gain or what will I achieve by doing the course?

  • Deal and manage stress according to your body type.

  • Find work/career that best suits you.

  • Avoid foods that do not work for you, or at least understand what they do to you and why you may want to avoid them.

  • Identify appropriate yoga postures that are suited for your body type.

  • Identify yoga postures to avoid if need be.

  • Eat according to your body type.

Our Promise!

Your will understand your mind-body type from Ayurvedic perspective. You will learn how to apply this understanding to the key aspects of life - diet, lifestyle, exercise, career, and relationships 

You will also learn how to understand and deal with yourself, your family members and people around you

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How does this training help me deal with life? What other related benefits will I have?

The seasons, the foods you eat, the elements, the lifestyle that you have, the travel that you do, your genetic inheritance from your parents, the environment, your workplace, colors, sounds, your home, your relationships, your exercise level, your current physical health, your mental health and your emotional health - they all contribute to your overall experience of balance and wellbeing.

Making a sense of all of these, how they contribute, how to handle them, is a big part of staying healthy.

Just close your eyes and Imagine you have understood, handled all these factors and learnt to manage yourself - what would life be like?