Our focus is on providing high-quality education and courses that empower you with the knowledge and skills to take charge of your health and find your true life balance and purpose

At Ayurveda Awareness Centre, we believe that Ayurveda has the potential to transform lives, and we are passionate about sharing its teachings with people around the world. We offer a range of courses, from Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle to meditation and yoga, and are taught by experienced teachers and practitioners who are dedicated to helping you achieve a deeper mind-body-spirit connection.

Through the use of long-known practices, techniques, and activities blended with well-planned dietary intake, we assist people in understanding 'living in the moment', helping them consistently make good decisions that improve their own well-being and that of their community.

Your Guide

Neerja Ahuja

Neerja Ahuja is Principal Consultant and Director, Ayurveda Awareness Centre (AAC). She is a trained consultant, therapist and classroom facilitator for courses run by AAC for nearly two decades now. Neerja leads regular educational seminars and workshops including cooking demos and weekend residential Ayurveda Retreats for nurturing and healing. Neerja’s work as course facilitator for nationally recognised courses, seminars, workshops, retreats and consultations with thousands of clients, has deepened her understanding of human psychology and why and how people get sick and how they can truly heal.

Neerja Ahuja

Adv. Dip. in Ayurveda

We invite you to explore our course offering and discover how you achieve a deeper mind-body-spirit connection and live a more conscious, empowered, and fulfilling life.

At Ayurveda Awareness Centre, we are committed to enhancing the lives of those around us through generous giving, and enjoy seeing our clients grow as they realise the strength, wealth, and love within them.