Ayurveda for Stress Management

Consequences of stress can be felt on digestive system, body weight, cardio vascular system, nervous system, mental health, relationships, productivity at work and home

  • Ayurveda Awareness Centre

    Ayurveda Awareness Centre delivers the services which allow the individual to better manage their life, living in a state of being consciously aware, at ease with the world and all within it and able to make good decisions to better their life and community.

  • Stress: A Major Cause of Aggravation of Disease:

    Many physiological factors, such as insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, obesity inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that also trigger stress mechanisms, and we can see many factors that may influence a person’s capacity to cope with stress, both physically and psychologically. In chronic stress the inhibitory effect of cortisol becomes disrupted, resulting in HPA hypersentivity. Excessive or repeated stressful events may therefore lead to excessive stimulation. The HPA stress response is one of our most primitive biological survival mechanisms. Mounting a robust response to acute stress is crucial to meet every day environmental challenges, whether physical or psychological.

  • Ayurveda – a system of Preventative Health Care

    WHO [the World Health Organisation] recognises Ayurveda as a most ancient and holistic system of health care with texts said to be about 6000 years old. Ayurveda is said to have been in existence for about 40,000 years. Ayurveda is primarily focused on personalized health. Ayurveda is also a person-centred medicine (PCM), which deals with healthy lifestyle, health promotion and sustenance, disease prevention, diagnosis; and treatment for diseases in early stage, especially true for outside of India. There are many similarities between the traditional systems like Ayurveda and the innovative approach of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (PPPM). The Horizon 2020 initiative of the European Union rightly considers PPPM as the hard core of its strategy.

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Stress management top tip eat warm and moist and slightly oily food
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    • Top Tip eat warm, moist and slightly oily foods
    • Stress Management Tips Intro
  • 02
    Stress management Top Tip oil and heat on your lower back
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    • Top Tip oil and heat on your lower back
  • 03
    Stress management top tip breathe easy
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    • Top Tip breathe easy
  • 04
    Stress management top tip daily self care practices
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    • Top Tip daily self care practices
  • 05
    Stress management top tip start and end your day with positive
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    • Top Tip start and end your day with positive
  • 06
    Stress management top tip understand who you are
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    • Top Tip understand who you are - your unique mind-body-energy complex
  • 07
    Would you like us to work with you for your stress management?
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    • A message for YOU from Neerja
    • How Ayurveda Awareness can support you

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